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Tessa Cielle
03 November 2011 @ 07:10 pm
This is rather late in coming, since it's been several weeks now since I've done a stream.  I really should have gotten out and said something sooner, but hindsight and all, blah blah, etc.

Recently, having gotten a new job and all, I haven't been around to do the stream at the normal time (hence why there hasn't been one for a good three or four weeks now).  I gave a bit of thought to changing the day or time I try to stream to keep it going, but really, with my job not having a set schedule, I can't really pick a day that I'd be sure I'd be around consistantly to be able to do the show weekly (without randomly changing the day of the week I'm doing it each week, at least).

At this point, I've decided its time to hang up my hat as far as 1PStart is concerned.  Having just finished the last game that I was working on with the show, there's no "unfinished business" with it, as it were, so it's probably as good a time as any to say goodbye to it.

I'm not necessarily done with doing Let's Plays, if people are still interested in seeing them.  They'll just probably be mostly pre-recorded things instead of doing it live (which in all honesty, will mean they'll probably be better anyways).

It's been a good run.  Thanks for sticking with me and watching me play games.
Tessa Cielle
08 September 2011 @ 08:17 am
Yes, I did mention I was going to try to blog daily about this liquidation thing, and totally fell off the ball with that.  I'm not likely to pick it back up again as a "daily informative thing" either, and I apologize to anyone who was interested in it at all.

I'm sitting here, an hour-ish away from having to go in again.  I really don't want to do it.

I don't know how much more of this I can take.  I've been trying, really trying hard, to keep being my bouncy, cheery, optimistic self through it all, and it's just drained me completely.  The store is a total phantom of its former self, the Paperchase section (which I pretty much ran by myself for a year) is now totally gone, and it just looks so... empty.  It's depressing on a very strange level.

Moreso than that, the customers.  I hate falling into this pattern where I'm blaming them for things and generally starting to hate people, but it's happening.  It's not all of them, it's really not, there are some really sympathetic people coming in who are being really nice, but there are enough of them that aren't interested in anything but trying to treat the store like a garage sale, and have absolutely no issue with treating us like dirt when they aren't getting what they want for the amount they want it for.

And then I wind up in an hour long conversation with my mother who recounts her own stories about going into a Borders and the employees being horrible people there, and I find myself wondering how many customers are seeing me that way and desperately hoping that's not the case.  Every time I'm anything less than bubbly to a customer now I'm flashing back to that conversation and winding up in a downward spiral of anxiety.

And the worst part is that I can't leave.  I don't have anything else to move on to after this.  Hell, if the store closed today, I'd be unemployed.  Sure, I have applications in just about everywhere I can put them, and a few things even look "promising", but I haven't actually landed anything yet, and it's really getting scary.

I apologize for dumping a bunch of moping into this.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a few of the things I've put out there come through.  I keep telling myself that there's no reason at all why they shouldn't, that these places have positions open, that they need people, and I'm more than hireable, that if they call my references they'll get glowing reviews of my performance, and of how hard a worker I am, and that I'm a nice person who customers love...  I just need to hang on.

One day at a time.  Just get through this shift and then we'll deal with the next when it gets here.
Tessa Cielle
23 July 2011 @ 07:24 pm
So I missed putting up stuff for Thursday, but to be totally honest, there was very little to say, other than that it was very much the same as the previous two days.

Today, though, was a completely different beast.

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Tessa Cielle
20 July 2011 @ 06:04 pm
Not much to report today, actually.

So, we know a bit more than we did yesterday.  We are beginning liquidation on Friday for certain.  As to what that means exactly... we don't know the specifics.  The liquidation company is coming in at some point to look things over and talk to our store manager.  A sale will be starting, but we have no idea what things will start at.  My guess is it will start low (20%, if I was going to bet on it, which I'm not), but for all I know they could start with higher.

Today was largely a repeat of yesterday, if maybe a bit slower.  Transactions went faster, there were less questions, and there were more of them that we could actually answer.

People are still being very cool about the whole thing.  We've started getting some "business experts" telling us why we're going out of business and what we should have done, and so on (oddly all of them seem to involve them not having to spend as much), but they've very much been the minority.

The cafe won't be open after tomorrow, though.  Most of the fixtures and such have already been taken down there, and it looks very odd and empty.  It'll be weird not having that open anymore.  It's the first real thing that's going to make it feel real that we'll really be going.
Tessa Cielle
19 July 2011 @ 05:29 pm
So, as most people who know me are aware, I currently work for Borders. I've tried to keep discussion about my job in public online-y places to a minimum, since, well, there were company rules against giving certain information out in social networking stuffs. It's unlikely anything I would have said would have crossed that line, but it was more a "just in case" thing.

In any case, it's no secret now that Borders has finally gone from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to full-blown Chapter 7 liquidation. The news came down last night, so today was the first full day with the news being public.

I figured I may as well recount my experiences from the employee side of the counter during the whole thing. Largely just for the hell of it, also because it might help me feel better about the prospect of not having a job in about two months.
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Tessa Cielle
11 July 2011 @ 05:04 pm
I made these up mainly for westonian, since I know he wanted some, but anyone who wants to use them, feel free to grab them.

I admittedly went a touch overboard with Braeburn (what's here is about a third of what originally grabbed screenshots of), but he's such an expressive little pony that I couldn't help it. He's a lot more fun than Big Macintosh and probably has more screen time than him despite only being in one episode.

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Tessa Cielle
06 June 2011 @ 04:27 pm
Today is Laughter Day!


There's still time!  Do something that makes you laugh and puts you in a good mood.  Today's all about being a happy little goofball in the face of anything you might be facing, and helping other people in your life share that happiness!  Make an effort to get a good natured laugh out of everyone you meet today!  Is someone you know upset or sad about something?  Do your best to help them turn that frown upside-down!

It takes a lot of energy to spread the spirit of Laughter, so sugary goodness is encouraged today.  Make cupcakes for your friends, or throw a spontaneous party!  If you're wearing pink today, then you're extra in the spirit.  If you're not, then that's okay too (but you still have time - go throw something on)!

Something been weighing on your mind?  Use today to giggle at your ghosties, and try your best to overcome it!  Find the bright side in your situation, and maybe the negative isn't all that heavy after all.  Don't worry if you don't succeed, you can be proud of yourself for having tried, and you may feel just a little better after all!

In short, embrace your inner Pinkie.  Be as silly as you want.  It's Laughter Day, you're allowed!
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Tessa Cielle
05 June 2011 @ 10:27 am
After a conversation on Twitter the other day calling my attention to it, I went back and listened to the conversation (the one involving Gay Pride Parades) at the end of this latest Made of Fail that I was a part of.


And... I have to admit that I'm a little dissatisfied with the way I came off.  While I hold to my overall opinions, I came off as wielding a broad brush, which is something I usually take pains to avoid.  And for that, I wanted to apologize, and also clarify my point.

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Tessa Cielle
 And it was all *whoosh* and then there were sparklies EVERYWHERE and I could run into anything, and I mean ANYTHING, and it all just went *wheee* and got out of the way.  And this amazing music started playing!

Huh?  What did it sound like?  Oh, you know, like this!

Tessa Cielle
18 May 2011 @ 09:33 am
I'm on three podcasts this month.  THREE.

Or, well, I will be, they're not actually up yet.  In production, sorta.  But they'll be up this month!  I think.  All of them should be.

Also I dunno if one of them totally counts as a "podcast", really, it was the Season 2 wrap up dealie for Deconstructing Moya (which, by the way, if you're a Farscape fan and haven't been reading... why not?).  It was super fun talking with the boys about the season, with all of the awesomeness (and a few of the gripes that nobody will be surprised that I had because I'm so totally predictable) that was in it.

Also there's this month's Made of Fail, which is going to be so super awesomely wonderful that I just can't wait to hear it.  I think it was my best showing I've ever done on the podcast (totally gotten over the microphone shyness that I had those first few times I was on the show).  Buuuut yes.  It's equal parts silly and kinda deep-ish discussion stuff.  It'll be great (keep on pluggin stuff you've been on, whee~)!

And last, but certainly not least, there's this month's I Hate/Love Remakes where we talk about Ocean's Eleven, which was also a bunch of fun to do.  I hear it should be up soon-ish, and it's been a really awesome show to listen to (Noel and Eviey are super fun awesome fantabulous people).  So you should totally add it to your list of podcasts to listen to if you don't already follow it.

This is a good month for me.  Or at least for people that actually want to hear me ramble on about stuff while hyped on caffeine and sugar.  Which I mean, come on, should be all of you out there, right?